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Recommended New Releases For 4.21

This week’s recommended new releases.

The Black Angels  “Death Song”
  $11.99 CD / $24.99 2xLP ~ MORE INFO

Ray Davies  “Americana”
  $11.99 CD / $25.99 2xLP ~ MORE INFO

David Bowie  “No Plan”
  $7.99 CD / $17.99 LP ~ MORE INFO

Robyn Hitchcock  “s/t”
  $13.99 CD / $22.99 LP ~ MORE INFO

Imelda May  “Life. Love. Flesh. Blood.”
  $12.99 CD / $22.99 LP ~ MORE INFO

The Raveonettes  “2016 Atomized”
  $12.99 CD / $19.99 LP ~ MORE INFO

BoDeans  “Thirteen”
  $12.99 CD ~ MORE INFO

Tobin Sprout  Reissues
  $12.99 CD / $25.99 LP ~ MORE INFO

Sheryl Crow  “Be Myself”
  $13.99 CD ~ MORE INFO

Paul McCartney  “Flowers In The Dirt” Super Deluxe Version
  $129.99  ~ MORE INFO

Sun Ra And His Arkestra  “Thunder Of The Gods”
  $12.99 CD / $19.99 LP ~ MORE INFO

String Cheese Incident  “Believe”
$12.99 CD ~ MORE INFO

Lillie Mae  “Forever And Then Some”
  $12.99 CD / $17.99 LP ~ MORE INFO

Chris Shiflett  “West Coast Town”
$10.99 CD  ~ MORE INFO

Michael Nesmith  “Infinite Tuesday: The Music”
  $12.99 CD  ~ MORE INFO

Father John Misty  “Pure Comedy”
  $12.99 CD / $21.99 2xLP / $38.99 2xLP Deluxe / $7.99 CS  ~ MORE INFO

Future Islands  “The Far Field”
  $12.99 CD / $22.99 LP / $9.99 CS  ~ MORE INFO

Elliott Smith  “XO” & “Figure 8” Vinyl Reissue
  $19.99 LP / $24.99 2xLP  ~ MORE INFO

JC Brooks  “The Neon Jungle”
  $12.99 CD  ~ MORE INFO

STRFKR  “Vault Vol 1.”
  $17.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds  “One More Time With Feeling”
  $19.99 2xDVD / $24.99 2xBlu-Ray  ~ MORE INFO

Wire  “Silver/Lead”
  $13.99 CD / $33.99 2xLP  ~ MORE INFO

CFM  “Dichotomy Desaturated”
  $12.99 CD / $16.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Boss Hog  “Brood X”
  $12.99 CD / $16.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Guided By Voices  “August By Cake”
  $13.99 CD / $26.99 2xLP  ~ MORE INFO

The New Pornographers  “Whiteout Conditions”
  $11.99 CD / $21.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Feedtime  “Gas”
  $12.99 CD / $17.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Cold War Kids  “LA Divine”
  $12.99 CD / $19.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Pentatonix  “Vol. IV”
  $6.99 CD  ~ MORE INFO

Joey Badass  “A.A.B.A.”
  $13.99 CD / $24.99 2xLP  ~ MORE INFO

Fujiya & Miyagi  “s/t”
  $11.99 CD  ~ MORE INFO

The Chainsmokers  “Memories Do Not Open”
  $11.99 CD  ~ MORE INFO

Tech N9ne  “Dominion”
  $12.99 CD  ~ MORE INFO

Vieux Farka Toure  “Samba”
  $11.99 CD  ~ MORE INFO

Hippo Campus  “Landmark”
  $11.99 CD  ~ MORE INFO

Michelle Branch  “Hopeless Romantic”
  $12.99 CD  ~ MORE INFO

Bob Dylan  “Triplicate”
  $21.99 3xCD / $52.99 3xLP  ~ MORE INFO

Aimee Mann  “Mental Illness”
$12.99 CD / $22.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Sneaks  “It’s A Myth”
  $11.99 CD / $13.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Mastodon  “Emperor Of Sand”
  $10.99 CD / $31.99 2xLP  ~ MORE INFO

John Lee Hooker  “Whiskey & Wimmen”
  $11.99 CD / $21.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Julia Holter  “In The Same Room”
  $12.99 CD / $23.99 2xLP  ~ MORE INFO

Richard Buckner  “Impasse” Reissue
  $11.99 CD / $18.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Otis Taylor  “Fantasizing About Being Black”
$15.99 CD  ~ MORE INFO

Goldfrapp  “Silver Eye”
  $12.99 CD / $22.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Dengue Fever  “S/T” and “Escape From Dragon House” Deluxe Editions
$12.99 CD  ~ MORE INFO

Rodney Crowell  “Close Ties”
  $13.99 CD / $24.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Coco Hames  “s/t”
  $11.99 CD / $18.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Voivod  “Build Your Weapons” – Best of the Noise Years 1986-1988
  $16.99 2xCD  ~ MORE INFO

Craig Brown Band  “The Lucky Ones Forget”
$17.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Jessi Colter  “The Psalms”
  $11.99 CD   ~ MORE INFO

Craig Finn  “We All Want The Same Things”
  $11.99 CD / $17.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

The Jesus and Mary Chain  “Damage And Joy”
  $12.99 CD / $28.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Hurray for the Riff Raff   “The Navigator”
  $11.99 CD / $19.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Real Estate  “In Mind”
  $11.99 CD / $19.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Spoon  “Hot Thoughts”
  $13.99 CD / $21.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Conor Oberst  “Salutations”
  $12.99 CD / $25.99 LP   ~ MORE INFO

Depeche Mode  “Spirit”
  $11.99 CD / $30.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

The Creation  “Action Painting”
  $29.99 2xCD + Book / $29.99 2xLP + Book   ~ MORE INFO

The Zombies  “Odessey + Oracle” Deluxe
  $12.99 CD   ~ MORE INFO

Tedeschi Trucks Band  “Live From The Fox Oakland”
  $18.99 2xCD / $24.99 2xCD/DVD   ~ MORE INFO

Gary Clark Jr.  “Live / North America 2016”
  $10.99 CD / $25.99 2xLP   ~ MORE INFO

The Magnetic Fields  “50 Song Memoir”
  $42.99 5xCD / $119.99 5xLP  ~ MORE INFO

The Shins  “Heartworms”
  $11.99 CD / $23.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Ha Ha Tonka  “Heart-shaped Mountain”
  $12.99 CD / $18.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Rolling Blackouts C.F.  “The French Press”
  $6.99 CD / $13.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Tennis  “Yours Conditionally”
  $10.99 CD / $19.99 LP ~ MORE INFO

Marty Stuart  “Way Out West”
  $11.99 CD / $18.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Murs  “Captain California”
  $16.99 CD  ~ MORE INFO

Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band  “Front Porch Session”
  $11.99 CD / $18.99  ~ MORE INFO

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard  “Flying Microtonal Banana”
  $11.99 CD / $19.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Grandaddy  “Last Place”
  $12.99 CD / $24.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Bela Fleck  “Juno Concerto”
  $12.99 CD  ~ MORE INFO

Bleached  “Can You Deal?”
 $14.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Los Campesinos  “Sick Scenes”
  $12.99 CD / $22.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Thundercat  “Drunk”
  $12.99 CD / $43.99 4×10″LP  ~ MORE INFO

The Feelies  “In Between”
  $12.99 CD / $17.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Rhiannon Giddens  “Freedom Highway”
  $12.99 CD / $19.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Alison Krauss  “Windy City
  $12.99 CD / $24.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

All Them Witches  “Sleeping Through The War”
  $11.99 CD / $19.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

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Recommended New Releases for 3.17.17

This week’s recommended New Releases!

Real Estate  “In Mind”
  $11.99 CD / $19.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Spoon  “Hot Thoughts”
  $13.99 CD / $21.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Conor Oberst  “Salutations”
  $12.99 CD / $25.99 LP   ~ MORE INFO

Depeche Mode  “Spirit”
  $11.99 CD / $30.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

The Creation  “Action Painting”
  $29.99 2xCD + Book / $29.99 2xLP + Book   ~ MORE INFO

The Zombies  “Odessey + Oracle” Deluxe
  $12.99 CD   ~ MORE INFO

Tedeschi Trucks Band  “Live From The Fox Oakland”
  $18.99 2xCD / $24.99 2xCD/DVD   ~ MORE INFO

Pinback  “Some Offcell Voices”
  $12.99 CD / $21.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

ADULT.  “Detroit House Guests”
  $12.99 CD / $24.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Regina Spektor  “Live On Soundstage”
  $16.99 CD/DVD  ~ MORE INFO

Anohni  “Paradise”
  $8.99 CD / $14.99 10″   ~ MORE INFO

Gary Clark Jr.  “Live / North America 2016”
  $10.99 CD / $25.99 2xLP   ~ MORE INFO

The Magnetic Fields  “50 Song Memoir”
  $42.99 5xCD / $119.99 5xLP  ~ MORE INFO

The Shins  “Heartworms”
  $11.99 CD / $23.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Elliott Smith  “Either/Or” Deluxe Edition Reissue
  $14.99 2xCD / $26.99 2xLP  ~ MORE INFO

Buzzcocks  “Time’s Up!”
  $11.99 CD / $20.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Soundgarden  “Ultramega OK” Expanded Reissue
  $11.99 CD / $24.99 2xLP / $7.99 CS  ~ MORE INFO

Neko Case  “Live from Austin City Limits”
  $16.99 CD/DVD / $23.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Steve Earle  “Live from Austin City Limits”
  $16.99 CD/DVD / 30.99 2xLP  ~ MORE INFO

Ha Ha Tonka  “Heart-shaped Mountain”
  $12.99 CD / $18.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Rolling Blackouts C.F.  “The French Press”
  $6.99 CD / $13.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Greg Graffin  “Millport”
  $11.99 CD / 21.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Tennis  “Yours Conditionally”
  $10.99 CD / $19.99 LP ~ MORE INFO

Marty Stuart  “Way Out West”
  $11.99 CD / $18.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Murs  “Captain California”
  $16.99 CD  ~ MORE INFO

Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band  “Front Porch Session”
  $11.99 CD / $18.99  ~ MORE INFO

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard  “Flying Microtonal Banana”
  $11.99 CD / $19.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Grandaddy  “Last Place”
  $12.99 CD / $24.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Bela Fleck  “Juno Concerto”
  $12.99 CD  ~ MORE INFO

Bleached  “Can You Deal?”
 $14.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Temples  “Volcano”
  $12.99 CD / $20.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Jose James  “Love In A Time Of Madness”
  $12.99 CD / $19.99 LP ~ MORE INFO

Six Organs of Admittance  “Burning the Threshold”
  $12.99 CD / $19.99  ~ MORE INFO

Los Campesinos  “Sick Scenes”
  $12.99 CD / $22.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Chicano Batman  “Freedom Is Free”
  $11.99 CD  ~ MORE INFO

Sherwood + Pinch  “Man Vs. Sofa”
  $12.99 CD / $24.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Minus The Bear  “Voids”
  $12.99 CD / $21.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Guy Clark  “The Best of the Dualtone Years”
 $15.99 2xCD  ~ MORE INFO

Why?  “Moh Lhean”
  $11.99 CD / $21.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Uyai  “Ibibio Sound Machine”
  $12.99 CD / $17.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Lambchop  “Is A Woman” Reissue
  $12.99 CD / $22.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Brian Jonestown Massacre  “Don’t Get Lost”
  $13.99 CD / $26.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Old 97’s  “Graveyard Whistling”
  $11.99 CD / $19.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah  “Tourist”
  $11.99 CD / $19.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Sun Kil Moon  “Common As Light And Love Are Red Valleys Of Blood”
  $19.99 2xCD  ~ MORE INFO

Thundercat  “Drunk”
  $12.99 CD / $43.99 4×10″LP  ~ MORE INFO

The Feelies  “In Between”
  $12.99 CD / $17.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Rhiannon Giddens  “Freedom Highway”
  $12.99 CD / $19.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Iggy Pop and the Stooges  “Gimme Danger” Soundtrack
  $11.99 CD / LP available 4/7  ~ MORE INFO

Pissed Jeans  “Why Love Now”
  $11.99 CD / $18.99 LP / $7.99 CS  ~ MORE INFO

Dirty Projectors  “Dirty Projectors”
  $11.99 CD / $24.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Xiu Xiu  “Forget”
  $12.99 CD / $17.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Alison Krauss  “Windy City
  $12.99 CD / $24.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

All Them Witches  “Sleeping Through The War”
  $11.99 CD / $19.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Ryan Adams  “Prisoner”
  $13.99 CD / $18.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Robert Randolph  “Got Soul”
  $11.99 CD / $20.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Son Volt  “Notes Of Blue”
  $10.99 CD / $18.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Grails  “Chalice Hymnal”
  $12.99 CD / $25.99 2xLP  ~ MORE INFO

Thievery Corporation  “The Temple of I &I”
  $11.99 CD / $24.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

The Sadies  “Northern Passages”
  $13.99 CD / $22.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Tinariwen  “Elwan”
  $12.99 CD / $20.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Chuck Prophet  “Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins”
  $13.99 CD / $22.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Elbow  “Little Fictions”
  $12.99 CD / $24.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Meatbodies  “Alice”
  $12.99 CD / $17.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Moon Duo  “Occult Architecture Vol 1.”
  $11.99 CD / $18.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Cloud Nothings  “Life Without Sound”
  $11.99 CD / $17.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Ty Segall  “Ty Segall”
  $12.99 CD / $19.99 LP / 8.99 CS ~ MORE INFO

Japandroids  “Near To The Wild Heart Of Life”
  $11.99 CD / 23.99 LP   ~ MORE INFO

P.O.S.  “Chill, Dummy”
  $11.99 CD  ~ MORE INFO

Allison Crutchfield  “Tourist In This Town”
  $11.99 CD / $17.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Tobin Sprout  “Universe + Me”
  $15.99 CD / $22.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

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Sometimes a great album slips under the radar.  Here are a few records we don’t want you to miss:

Sneaks “Gymnastics” – $11.99 CD / $16.99 LP
A dancey 14 minute post-punk album full of minimalist vibes that begs for repeated listens. The only instruments you will find here are a drum machine, a bass guitar, and a very light touch of synth alongside Eva Moolchan’s calm and cool vocal delivery.  Click here for more info.  ~Bobby

Magnolia Electric Co. “Trials & Errors” – $14.99 LP
This live album from dearly departed Jason Molina’s “Magnolia Electric Co.” lineup recalls the same fuzzed-out energy of prime-era Neil Young and Crazy Horse. The original vinyl pressing was limited, but Secretly Canadian got it back in print as part of their Molina reissue campaign which kicked off a couple of years ago, so catch yourself up if this slipped past you in favor of his frenzied studio output from those years. Click here for more info. ~ Chris

John Cale “Fragments Of A Rainy Season” (reissue) – 2xCD $14.99 / 2xLP 28.99
A live, solo (Cale is on piano and, occasionally, guitar) recording that highlights his best and most accessible songs.  The sparse arrangements turns the focus to the strength of his songwriting.  A perfect (re)introduction to this former Velvet Underground member’s songwriting genius.  Click here for more info.  ~ Dave

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Recommended New Releases for 2.10.17


David Bowie  “Diamond Dogs”, “Station To Station” and More Reissues
  $10.99 CD / $21.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Tinariwen  “Elwan”
  $12.99 CD / $20.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Gene Vincent  “The Complete Singles – A’s & B’s”
  $16.99 CD  ~ MORE INFO

Old Crow Medicine Show  “Best Of Old Crow Medicine Show”
  $10.99 CD / $23.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Black Joe Lewis  “Backlash”
  $11.99 CD / $18.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Lupe Fiasco  “Drogas Light”
  $11.99 CD / $25.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

The Sadies  “Northern Passages”
  $13.99 CD / $22.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Big Star  “Complete Third – Vol. 2”
  $30.99 2xLP  ~ MORE INFO

Jesca Hoop  “Memories Are Now”
  $11.99 CD / $17.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Chuck Prophet  “Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins”
  $13.99 CD / $22.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Thievery Corporation  “The Temple of I &I”
  $11.99 CD / $24.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Kris Kristofferson  “The Austin Sessions – Expanded Edition”
  $10.99 CD  ~ MORE INFO

Rhiannon Giddens  “Factory Girl”
  $9.99 CD  ~ MORE INFO

Elbow  “Little Fictions”
  $12.99 CD / $24.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Surfer Blood  “Snowdonia”
  $10.99 CD / $21.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Melvins  “Kiss” solo records – reissues
  $12.99 CD / $17.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

BBQ  “Mark Sultan”
  $12.99 CD / $17.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Beth Hart  “Hire On The Floor”
  $13.99 CD  ~ MORE INFO

Dave Hause  “Bury Me In Philly”
  $10.99 CD / $17.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Meatbodies  “Alice”
  $12.99 CD / $17.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Moon Duo  “Occult Architecture Vol 1.”
  $11.99 CD / $18.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Once & Future Band  “s/t”
  $12.99 CD / $17.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Cloud Nothings  “Life Without Sound”
  $11.99 CD / $17.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Sleater-Kinney  “Live In Paris”
  $11.99 CD / $16.99 LP / 7.99 CS ~ MORE INFO

Ty Segall  “Ty Segall”
  $12.99 CD / $19.99 LP / 8.99 CS ~ MORE INFO

Japandroids  “Near To The Wild Heart Of Life”
  $11.99 CD / 23.99 LP   ~ MORE INFO

P.O.S.  “Chill, Dummy”
  $11.99 CD  ~ MORE INFO

Allison Crutchfield  “Tourist In This Town”
  $11.99 CD / $17.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Tobin Sprout  “Universe + Me”
  $15.99 CD / $22.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Delbert McClinton  “Prick of the Litter”
  $12.99 CD / $19.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Mark Eitzel  “Hey Mr Ferryman”
  $11.99 CD / $18.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Guy Clark  “Live From Austin”
  $15.99 CD / $30.99 2xLP  ~ MORE INFO

Bash + Pop  “Anything Could Happen”
  $11.99 CD / $18.99 LP ~ MORE INFO

Foxygen  “Hang”
  $12.99 CD / $19.99 LP / $8.99 CS ~ MORE INFO

TSOL  “The Trigger Complex”
  $11.99 CD / $17.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau  “s/t”
  $14.99 CD / $27.99 2xLP  ~ MORE INFO

Tift Merritt  “Stitch Of The World”
  $13.99 CD / $22.99 LP  ~ MORE INFO

The Grateful Dead  “s/t 50th Anniversary Edition”
  $17.99 2xCD / $24.99 LP ~ MORE INFO

Michael Chapman  “50”
  $12.99 CD / $22.99 LP ~ MORE INFO

Tycho  “Epoch”
  $12.99 CD / $21.99 LP ~ MORE INFO

Run The Jewels  “3”
  $11.99 CD / $23.99 LP ~ MORE INFO

The Flaming Lips  “Oczy Mlody”
  $10.99 CD / $18.99 LP / $38.99 deluxe LP ~ MORE INFO

The XX  “I See You”
  $11.99 CD / $23.99 LP ~ MORE INFO

Brian Eno  “Reflection”
  $13.99 CD / $28.99 LP ~ MORE INFO

Bonobo  “Migration”
  $12.99 CD / $31.99 LP ~ MORE INFO

Sheer Mag  “Compilation”
  $15.99 LP ~ MORE INFO

Sepultura  “Machine Messiah”
  $10.99 CD / $31.99 LP ~ MORE INFO


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MadCity Music’s Favorites of 2016

(in no particular order)
Bob MouldPatch The Sky ~ MORE INFO
The MonkeesGood Times ~ MORE INFO
Wheeler Walker Jr.Redneck Shit ~ MORE INFO
TacocatLost Time ~ MORE INFO
DescendentsHypercaffium Spazzinate ~ MORE INFO
David BowieBlackstar ~ MORE INFO
The ThermalsWe Disappear ~ MORE INFO
Drive-By TruckersAmerican Band ~ MORE INFO
The FrightnrsNothing More To Say ~ MORE INFO
A Tribe Called QuestWe Got It From Here… Thank You 4 Your Service ~ MORE INFO

Honorable mentions:
Bun E. CarlosGreetings From Bunezuela! ~ MORE INFO
Cheap TrickBang, Zoom, Crazy… Hello ~ MORE INFO
Dinosaur Jr. – Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not ~ MORE INFO
William BellThis Is Where I Live ~ MORE INFO

David BowieBlackstar ~ MORE INFO
I like my Bowie dark and weird.

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – Skeleton Tree ~ MORE INFO
Child BiteNegative Noise ~ MORE INFO

Leonard CohenYou Want It Darker ~ MORE INFO
His most solid album since his classic records of the 60’s and 70’s.

HideFlesh For The Living ~ MORE INFO
Great industrial / EBM from Chicago.

Psychic TVAlienist ~ MORE INFO
The once terrifying front man of Throbbing Gristle continues making dorky, pop, psychedelic rock that sounds a bit off yet really catchy.

Renaldo & The LoafBehind Closed Curtains & Gurdy Hurding ~ MORE INFO
Ralph Records / Residents collaborators that recorded their debut (BCC) in 1979. It went unreleased for 35 years, out on vinyl. Weirdo medieval electronic.

SavagesAdore Life ~ MORE INFO
Even better than 2013 debut.

Slim Cessna’s Auto ClubThe Commandments According To ~ MORE INFO
Check out “Commandment III” for my “song of the year”. Wonderful modern take on an ole time feel good revival. Also played one of the best shows of the year.

Those Poor BastardsSing It Ugly LP & Necrosphere EP ~ MORE INFO
Lonesome Wyatt managed to dish out an LP of country weirdo music with the occasional hint of metal and industrial as well as a special limited EP of more abrasive tunes sold for the Halloween season.

True WidowAvvolgere ~ MORE INFO
Super gloomy dark tunes.

CandlemassEpicus Doomicus Metallicus ~ MORE INFO
1985 classic debut doom metal w/ operatic vocals.

Tony Conrad & FaustOutside The Dream Syndicate ~ MORE INFO
1973 minimalist kraut-drone.

DeathScream Bloody Gore ~ MORE INFO
1987 debut, the best and most original death metal.

GwarScumdogs Of The Universe ~ MORE INFO
From 1990 when Gwar wrote good catchy tunes and didn’t completely rely on hosing you down with blood at their live shows.

HarmoniaDocuments 1975 ~ MORE INFO
Great 1975 live show of classic Neu + Cluster krautrock.

LungfishSound In Time ~ MORE INFO
Originally released in 1996. This is kind of the turning point from their early 90’s alternative rock to the great repetitive grooves that they became known for. Classic Daniel Higgs.

MelvinsHoudini ~ MORE INFO
They released/reissued three albums this year but, this is the one you want.

Morbid SaintSpectrum Of Death ~ MORE INFO
Classic Sheboygan, Wisconsin death metal from 1988

The ShaggsPhilosophy Of The World ~ MORE INFO
1969 – Sound like nothing else in the world and they always make me feel good and a little insane

Sonic YouthWashing Machine ~ MORE INFO
Great, overlooked SY record from 1995 finally reissued.


Best Albums of 2016
Angry AnglesAngry Angles ~ MORE INFO
The complete recordings from Jay Reatard’s short lived pre-Blood Vision’s project with Alix Brown (Golden Triangle) and Ryan Rousseau (Destruction Unit)! A perfect companion and precursor to the more consistent classic, Blood Visions.

David BowieBlackstar ~ MORE INFO
It’s hard to find anything to dislike about this record. Poignant, topical and omnipresent. Just like the Thin White Duke himself.

Dinosaur JrGive A Glimpse ~ MORE INFO
In 2016 Dinosaur Jr. still sounds like Dinosaur Jr. Awesome.

A Giant DogPile ~ MORE INFO
Austin, TXs finest is slowing seeping its way into the collective consciousness the American aboveground via Merge Records!

Ty Segall + Chris Shaw (Ex-Cult). Grungey garage punk with some American hardcore leanings.

Thee Oh SeesA Weird Exits ~ MORE INFO
Dwyer keeps on chugging away. This time pushing some hooks and riffs aside to get even more jammy and spacey.

Ty SegallEmotional Mugger ~ MORE INFO
Ty goes electronic and skronks his way through some out there garage that borders on prog at times.

Sturgill SimpsonA Sailor’s Guide to Earth ~ MORE INFO
Thee best country/folk record of the year. A country cover of Nirvana’s, “In Bloom”? Sign me up!

SneaksGymnastics ~ MORE INFO
The quickest burn of the bunch at 14 minutes. Lots of replay value even if the songs are simple and concise. Very catch bass, drum machine and vocals with attitude.

So PittedNeo ~ MORE INFO
The best grunge record of the year. No surprise that it came out on Sub Pop. But thankfully the band throws in enough spice with various effects pedals and textures to keep it varied.

Xiu XiuXiu Xiu Plays the Music of Twin Peaks ~ MORE INFO
Twin Peak melodies from Angelo Badalamenti incredible score for Lynch’s twisted TV Show revisited with moodier goth adornments from outsider Xiu Xiu, who I’m normally only marginally interested in. He did a great job on this project though!

Best Reissues:
The Country TeasersDestroy All Human Life ~ MORE INFO
Jay ReatardBlood Visions ~ MORE INFO
The Scientists – Numero Group Compilation ~ MORE INFO
SuicideSuicide ~ MORE INFO


Angry AnglesAngry Angles ~ MORE INFO
AvalanchesWildflower ~ MORE INFO
BeyonceLemonade ~ MORE INFO
Case/Lang/VeirsCase/Lang/Veirs ~ MORE INFO
A Giant DogPile ~ MORE INFO
J DillaThe Diary ~ MORE INFO
King Gizzard and the Lizard WizardNonagon Infinity ~ MORE INFO
Manuel GöttschingE2-E4 ~ MORE INFO
MoodymannDJ-Kicks ~ MORE INFO
NxWorriesYes Lawd! ~ MORE INFO
Sweet SpiritCokomo ~ MORE INFO
A Tribe Called Quest – We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service ~ MORE INFO
Various ArtistsWayfaring Strangers: Cosmic American Music ~ MORE INFO

 – Founder/Editor Tone Madison
Akasha SystemVague Response ~ MORE INFO
The Portland producer’s newest balances the stark propulsion of techno with gentle but indelible melodies.

AniconExegeses ~ MORE INFO
One of those metal releases that draws on a lot of different strands (especially black metal), but isn’t too slavish about any of them, and strikes a balance of austerity and grandiosity.

Marisa AndersonInto The Light ~ MORE INFO
One of America’s finest modern-day interpreters of blues and folk turns to the Southwest in a set of stately guitar-based instrumentals.

Benoit PioulardThe Benoit Pioulard Listening Matter ~ MORE INFO
Songwriter/singer/guitarist/ambient explorer Thomas Meluch’s latest under his Benoit Pioulard moniker feels like a grand summation of all the disparate territory he’s covered over the last decade.

Kevin GatesIslah ~ MORE INFO
Not gonna pretend this is a perfect album, but the rapper/singer creates some furious earworms here (“2 Phones,” “Kno One,” “Really Really”), mixing grit with exuberant hooks.

Danny Paul GrodySketch For Winter VII: Other States ~ MORE INFO
A pleasantly disorienting set of synth and guitar instrumentals.

Mary HalvorsonAway With You ~ MORE INFO
Already the most compelling jazz guitarist and composers going, Mary Halvorson pushes into ambitious new territory here with an eight-piece band.

Steve HauschildtStrands ~ MORE INFO
The most moving and stylistically diverse electronic record I heard all year.

Homeboy SandmanKindness For Weakness ~ MORE INFO
“I’m about to see whose sternum is a firm bone.”

Huerco SFor Those Of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have) ~ MORE INFO
A shape-shifting producer delves deeper into his primordial side.

LycusChasms ~ MORE INFO

NotsCosmetic ~ MORE INFO
Nots’ take on punk gets more focused and biting on their second release.

Spray PaintFeel The Clamps ~ MORE INFO
This band’s clanging, bizarre post-punk keeps taking on new dimensions but still sounds as distinctive as ever.

Vince StaplesPrima Donna ~ MORE INFO
A short and rattling follow-up to Summertime ’06, but just as memorable in its own way.

A Tribe Called QuestWe Got It From Here… Thank You 4 Your Service ~ MORE INFO
Has there ever been a year when people spent so much time consoling themselves with new music from the recently dead? Of all the deaths of great artists this year, Phife Dawg’s saddened me the most—he was only 45, and it came so abruptly. The album Tribe was working on at the time of Phife’s death turns out to be not just a loving tribute to the Five Foot Assassin, but also a sprawling and contemporary show of vitality from one of hip-hop’s greatest outfits.

Ryley WalkerGolden Sings That Have Been Sung ~ MORE INFO
Guitarist/singer Walker’s third album stretches out beyond the folk tropes and delves fully into the stretchy, wooly, eccentric territory his work has been hinting at all along.

YGStill Brazy ~ MORE INFO
The cathartic hip-hop album we really needed in 2016.

Owner/Operator Stalzy’s Deli, Vinyl guy
Anderson .PaakMalibu ~ MORE INFO
Drive-by TruckersAmerican Band ~ MORE INFO
RadioheadA Moon Shaped Pool ~ MORE INFO
Car Seat HeadrestTeens of Denial ~ MORE INFO
Sturgill SimpsonA Sailor’s Guide to Earth ~ MORE INFO
Angel OlsenMy Woman ~ MORE INFO
David Bowie – Blackstar ~ MORE INFO
Charles BradleyChanges ~ MORE INFO
King Gizzard and the Lizard WizardNonagon Infinity ~ MORE INFO

 – Co-Owner Williamson Magnetic Recording
Drive-by TruckersAmerican Band ~ MORE INFO
Bob MouldPatch the Sky ~ MORE INFO
SavagesAdore Life ~ MORE INFO

Local and Near-Local Releases Of Note:
Daisy ChainsAbove Board ~ MORE INFO
PollinatorsSelf Addressed Envelope ~ MORE INFO
TippyPublic Displays of Affection ~ MORE INFO


Aesop RockSkelethon ~ MORE INFO
AtmosphereFishing Blues ~ MORE INFO
Courtney BarnettSometimes I Sit, and Think and Sometimes I Just Sit ~ MORE INFO
Bon Iver22, A Million ~ MORE INFO
David Bowie – Blackstar ~ MORE INFO
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – Skeleton Tree ~ MORE INFO
Brian Eno – The Ship ~ MORE INFO
PJ Harvey – The Hope Six Demolition Project ~ MORE INFO
Kendrick LamarUntitled, Unmastered ~ MORE INFO
Lydia Loveless  – Real ~ MORE INFO
Bob MouldPatch The Sky ~ MORE INFO
Protomartyr – The Agent Intellect ~ MORE INFO
RadioheadA Moon Shaped Pool ~ MORE INFO
SavagesAdore Life ~ MORE INFO
Kamasi Washington – The Epic ~ MORE INFO

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Suggestions and favorites from the crew (and pals) of MadCity Music Exchange for 2015!

:::::::::::: Dave Zero ::::::::::::
In no particular order…
JD MCPherson, Let The Good Times Roll (Rounder) – excellent 50s/early 60s influenced rock’n’roll, not retro

Chasity Belt, Time To Go Home (Hardly Art) – bare bones shoegaze that rocks

Peter Case, Hwy 62 (Omnivore) an excellent storyteller and songwriter who can comment on political/social problems with hushed, soulful acoustic songs that paint a picture of people’s lives

La Luz, Weirdo Shrine (Hardly Art) – psychedelic surf drone!

The Sonics, This Is The Sonics (Re:Vox USA) – still vicious after all these years

Death, N.E.W (Tryangle Records) – Don’t call it a comeback

Kendrick Lammar, To Pimp A Butterfly (Interscope Records) – when one of the biggest albums in hip hop is this weird and experimental we all win

Jim O’Rourke, Simple Songs (Drag City) – all of his albums are gems waiting to be found

Best Coast, California Nights (Harvest) – guitar heavy power pop, from California, glamours and hip

Tommy Keene, Laughing In the Dark (Second Motion) – guitar heavy power pop, from Maryland, veteran new waver

Sweet Talk, Double Perfect (12XU) – guitar heavy power pop, from Austin, dudes

Reissues/Archival Releases:
Slim Dunlap, Old New Me/Times Like This twofer LP (New West)
Syl Johnson, Complete Twinight 45s LP (Numero)
Ork Records box (Numero)

Made In Madison:
The Hussy, Galore (Southpaw Records)
Mr.Jackson, The Golden Hour Groove Session (Self-Released)
Asumaya, The Euphemist (Self-Released)
Zebras, The City Of Sun (Secret Records)


:::::::::::: Vincent Presley ::::::::::::
Killing Joke, Pylon (Spinefarm) – “Best Killing Joke in many years” is the usual line. Great synths and really heavy guitar riffs on this one.

Lonesome Wyatt & Rachel Brooke, Bad Omen (Tribulation Recording Co.) – Second collaboration of Wyatt’s dark, gothy, gloom doom and Brooke’s traditional Carter Family / Hank Sr. style.  One customer remarked “this sounds like Dead Can Dance doing a country album”. Great gloomy stuff.

Pinkish Black, Bottom Of The Morning (Relapse Records) – Dark and gloomy synth rock. Lots of Gary Numan influence mixed with some doom stuff.

Sumac, The Deal (Sige) – Great guttural heavy doom by members of Isis, Russian Circles, Baptists, etc etc.

Slayer, Repentless (Nuclear Blast) – If Slayer ever made a bad album it would still be better than your band.

Absolutely Not / Rat Hammer, Split LP (Berserk Records) – Absolutely Not are a great 3-piece Devo Influenced punk band from Chicago. This is a really solid rocker of a side. Apparently there’s a band on the other side too.

Snakefinger, Live In Melbourne 1981 (Secret Records) – Between 1971 and 1987 Snakefinger played on some of the most important albums by The Residents. Around 1980 he got in touch with Jello Biafra who helped him get a punk band together. Awesome revved up early punk version of Snakefinger that most people don’t know about.

Essential Vinyl Reissues:
L7, Bricks Are Heavy (Plain Recordings) – Reissue of the 1992 album.  I picked up this reissue on a whim and think it’s one of the best 90’s albums I’ve heard. Solid, filthy rock n roll I should have been rocking for the last 20 years.

Butthole Surfers, Independent Worm Saloon Reissue (Plain Recordings) – After releasing the very mellow, folky Piouhgd in 1991, Gibby went to collaborate with Ministry on Jesus Built My Hotrod. Gibby and Al hated working together but it was a great sound and you can hear that influence on this LP. Independent Worm Saloon came out in 1993 and is probably the most ripping album in their catalog but you should probably get them all.

Christian Death, Catastrophe Ballet & Ashes Reissues (Season Of Mist) – Classic goth rock or “death rock” as the kids like to say these days.

Swans, Self Titled and other reissues (Young Gods) – Swan’s first EP was originally released in 1982 and now reissued for Record Store Day. This one really stands out in the Swans discography and would probably be described as “postpunk” and even “no-wave”. Very cool essential piece of Swans history. Plus, we just got word that a couple 90’s classics, “Love Of Life” and “White Light From The Mouth Of Infinity”, are coming in December. Super.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Let Love In and other reissues (Mute) – More essential reissues. For the last couple years Mute has been reissuing all of the Bad Seeds records and this year’s batch included Let Love In, Henry’s Dream, Murder Ballads, Tender Prey, The Good Son, Boatman’s Call, and No More Shall We Part. Murder Ballads is the one everyone always drools over but Let Love In is my pick of this bunch. Great sound, nice mix of song styles, and “Red Right Hand” and “Ain’t Gonna Rain Anymore” are classics.


:::::::::::: Bobby Hussy ::::::::::::
Courtney Barnett, Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit (Mom + Pop Records) – Incredibly wry and witty songwriting from this generation’s Liz Phair.

Chastity Belt, Time To Go Home (Hardly Art Records) – Simple pop songs hidden under shoegaze fuzz jangle.

Damaged Bug, Cold Hot Plumbs (Castle Face Records) – John Dwyer has reinvented himself as a synth damaged mastermind with his Damaged Bug project. This record is more accessible than last years’ debut Damaged Bug release.

Deerhunter, Fading Frontier (4AD) – Don’t miss them at the Majestic on December 15th!

Digital Leather, All Faded (FDH Records) – Digital Leather are the best synth based garage band in the world. This record sees the sound expanding with the addition of The Faint’s frontman Todd Fink.

Heartless Bastards, Restless Ones (Partisan Records) – Excellent neo garage rock n roll!

La Luz, Weirdo Shrine (Hardly Art Records) – Incredible surfy summertime jams from the West Coast. Worthy of more repeated listens than their first LP “It’s Alive”

Obnox, Wiglet (Ever/Never Records) – Lamont Thomas is a madman who’s output is only rivaled by John Dwyer. This record proves the hype is real.

Pavement, The Secret History – Vol 1. (Matador Records) – Demos and outtakes from the Slanted and Enchanted era of Pavement….when they were at their strongest and most musically uniformed and untrained. Excellent slacker rock n roll.

Thee Oh Sees, Mutilator Defeated At Last (Castle Face Records) – Dwyer’s best record since 2012’s Putrifiers II!

Xetas, The Redeemer (12XU) – Texas’ best noise rock band. For fans of Jesus Lizard, Scratch Acid, and the Butthole Surfers.


:::::::::::: Chris Lay ::::::::::::
Aphex Twin, Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2 EP (Warp Records)
Father John Misty, I Love You, Honeybear (Sub Pop)
Knxwledge, Hud Dreems (Stones Throw)
Jim O’Rourke, Simple Songs (Drag City)
Arthur Russell, Corn (Audika)
Sleater-Kinney, No Cities To Love (Sub Pop)
Titus Andronicus, The Most Lamentable Tragedy (Merge Records)
Kamasi Washington, The Epic (Brainfeeder)

Reissues / Archival:
J Dilla, Dillatronic (Vintage Vibez Music Group)
Syl Johnson, Complete Twinight Records 45s (Numero)
Neil Young & Bluenote Café ‎- Bluenote Café ‎(Reprise)
Scharpling & Wurster, The Best Of The Best Show Box Set (Numero)
Songs: Ohia, Didn’t It Rain Reissue (Secretly Canadian)
Various, Ork Records: New York, New York Box Set (Numero)
Decline Of Western Civilization DVD Box Set


:::::::::::: Claire Nelson-Lifson – Guitar/Vox Proud Parents, Cassette Mogul at Rare Plant ::::::::::::
(in no specific order):

Waxahatchee, Ivy Tripp (Merge Records)
Bully, Feels Like (Columbia)
Courtney Barnett, Sometimes I Sit and Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit (Mom + Pop)
Protomartyr, The Agent Intellect (Hardly Art)
The Hussy, Galore (Southpaw)
Girlpool, Before The World Was Big (Wichita)
The Weeknd, Beauty Behind The Madness (XO)
NO/NO, X.O./Drag (Gloss Records)
Radioactivity, Silent Kills (Dirtnap Records)

Favorite records of 2014 I wish I could include:
Mitski, Bury Me At Makeout Creek (Don Giovanni Records)
Kevin Morby, Still Life (Woodsist)
Ex-Hex, Rips (Merge)

Cassettes Rare Plant has released this year (and some of my favorite local bands):
Automatically Yours, The Trouble With The World Is Me
The Minotaurs, Secret Deals
Toothtaker Vol. 2 Compilation
Trophy Dad, Shirtless Algebra Fridays
Wood Chickens, Live At Karl’s Kastle
Tarpaulin, Homesick


:::::::::::: Scott Gordon – Tone Madison Founder and Editor ::::::::::::
Scott’s disclaimer: There’s a lot I’m still catching up on from this year, so this represents a “best-of” but a list of things that I’m pretty sure I’ll still be excited about hearing years down the road. Also, hip-hop is neglected here mostly because I find myself really loving consensus favorites that you’re gonna hear a lot about in this year-end-list season anyway (Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly, Vince Staples’ Summertime ’06).

Noveller, Fantastic Planet (Fire Records) – Probably the record I came back to the most this year. New Yorker Sarah Lipstate’s project Noveller has expanded over the years from experimental solo-guitar work to focused, full-fledged electronic instrumentals. Using precisely sculpted guitar tones and restrained synth arrangements, Lipstate strikes a balance between textured atmosphere and affecting melody on all of Fantastic Planet’s nine tracks, but especially on “Pulse Point,” “In February,” and “Rubicon.”

Tenement, Predatory Headlights (Don Giovanni Records) – Wisconsin’s Tenement crafts fiercely catchy punk songs that somehow never feel at odds with the sheer experimental weirdness churning within. That’s been the case for years now, but Predatory Headlights is the marvelous Tenement thing writ large, a double album whose feats of songwriting and gritty execution (my favorite being “The Butcher”) would be notable even if not sequenced alongside experiments like “Theme Of The Cuckoo” and “A Frightening Place For Normal People.” So as usual, the band gives you a lot of poppy gratification but also demands to be grappled with on a much trickier level.

Gel Set, Human Salad (Moniker Records) – This sparse, witty, and warped electronic pop album is the best release yet from Chicago producer/singer Laura Callier, aka Gel Set. The beats feel taut and buffed down to essentials, but just as important is the persona Callier brings to songs like “Double Vision,” “Predator Or Prey,” and “Ether Or”—sly and a bit menacing, but giving you enough weird little fragments of melody to keep you invested.

Disappears, Irreal (Kranky) – The shorthand description of what Chicago band Disappears was just a few years ago—rock ‘n’ roll with tense grooves and a bombardment of sleek reverb and delay—gets thrown out almost entirely on their fifth album. Sure, another record like 2011’s Guider would have been fun, but on Irreal, Disappears prove themselves a vital, surprising band, casting the listener into a set of eerie, primordial takes on post-punk.

The Body and Thou, You, Whom I Have Always Hated (Thrill Jockey) – Favorite album title of the year, also another cavernous and unsparing collaboration between harrowing sludge/noise duo The Body and brilliant Baton Rouge, Louisiana metal outfit Thou.

Nervosas, self-titled (Dirtnap) – Columbus band Nervosas craft sharp, relentless punk songs on their most recent album, but everything’s coated in an achey darkness that’s hard to shake, thanks in large part to guitarist Mickey Mocnik’s expressive, chorus-drenched heroics. There’s plenty of hard-charging release to be found on songs like “Nothing” and “Temporary Address,” but no matter how fast things move, Nervosas bring the music across with nuance and humanity.

Obnox, approximately 6 million releases (12Xu Records, Ever/Never, ETC) – Cleveland punk/R&B/psych/hip-hop experimenter Lamont Thomas released three albums by his project Obnox this year: Boogalou Reed (12XU Records), Wiglet (Ever/Never), and Know America (Ever/Never). Taken together, they form a blasted-out universe that’s bursting with ideas and innovatively mangled sonics, and honestly it’s a bit hard to process, but I know I’ll be gnawing on these ones, and enjoying them, for a long time.

Locrian, Infinite Dissolution (Relapse)

Drainolith, Hysteria (NNA Tapes)

Dave Douglas, High Risk (Greenleaf Music)

Circuit Des Yeux, In Plain Speech (Thrill Jockey)

Kowloon Walled City, Grievances (Neurot Recordings)

Bell Witch, Four Phantoms (Profound Lore)


:::::::::::: Justin Kibble – High Noon Saloon Master of Propaganda ::::::::::::
1.  Murder By Death, Big Dark Love (Bloodshot)
2.  Courtney Barnett, Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit (Mom + Pop)
3.  July Talk, July Talk (Sleepless Records / Island)
4.  Titus Andronicus, The Most Lamentable Tragedy (Merge)
5.  Father John Misty, I Love You, Honeybear (Sub Pop)
6.  Colleen Green, I Want To Grow Up (Hardly Art)
7.  The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, Harmlessness (Epitaph / Broken World Media)
8.  Ezra Furman, Perpetual Motion People (Bella Union)
9.  Screaming Females, Rose Mountain (Don Giovanni)
10.  Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear, Skeleton Crew (Glassnote)
11.  The Hussy, Galore (Southpaw Records)
12.  Eagles Of Death Metal, Zipper Down (Downtown)
13.  Tallest Man On Earth, Dark Bird Is Home (Dead Oceans)
14.  Christopher Gold, Don’t Get Lonesome (Self-Released)
15.  EL VY, Return To The Moon (4AD)

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MadCity Music’s 2014 Staff Picks

DAVE ZERO – Vinyl Baron

Real Estate – “Atlas” – Galaxie 500 meets The Feelies and it’s wonderful.

Bob Mould – “Beauty & Ruin” – Age means nothing, still a lot of rock to Du!

The Roots – “And Then You Shoot Your Cousin…” – A surprisingly, dark, dense and weird album from a band that refuses to take it easy.

Reigning Sound – “Shattered” – Always soulful kings of garage get mod, a little mellow, and add strings

Death – “III” – A charming collection of demos & outtakes that shows what this band could have been

J Mascis – “Tied To A Star” – As stunning quiet as he is loud

King Tuff – “Black Moon Spell” – Marc Bolan is smiling up on his cloud because of this album

Brimstone Howl – “Magic Hour” – Tom Verlaine/Television inspired, reverb soaked garage stompers

Ex Hex – “Rips” – All lady band that delivers a great blast of cool, 70s inspired glam
rock & power pop

Honorable Mentions:
Ian McLagan – “United States”
Paul Collins – “Feel The Noise”
Black Keys – “Turn Blue”
Drive-By Truckers – “English Oceans”

Favorite Reissues:
The Shivvers – “S/T” – Lost female fronted power pop gem from Milwaukee, could have given
Blondie a run for their money

Wreckless Eric – “Donovan of Trash” – A sloppy moment of greatness from an always under appreciated songwriter

Ernie Graham – “S/T” – The “Blood On The Tracks” of the UK pub rock scene, for fans of Bill
Fay, The Band and Wilco

VINCENT PRESLEY – Resident Man in Black

1. Those Poor Bastards – “Vicious Losers” – After weirding out some of the fans with his books and Behold The Abyss album, Wyatt strips this one down to more simple, sing along songs about drugs, loneliness, and death. Super catchy from start to finish and on constant repeat in my car and at home.

2. Skull Defekts – “Dances In Dreams Of The Known Unknown” – A Swedish weirdo group playing some kind of industrial, experimental, rock music. PLUS, throw Daniel Higgs from Lungfish in there and you have a really unique treat. Have not stopped listening to it since it came out in April.

3. Chrome – “Feel It Like A Scientist” – Yesssss! Chrome started in the mid 70’s and this album is easily as good as any of those early classics. Crazy noisy early punk/experimental oddballs still doing it right.

4. Oozing Wound – “Earth Suck” – Finally some heavy music that isn’t super boring and/or generic. I have no idea what they are saying and I don’t care. Great gnarly scream and loads of energy.

5. Child Bite – “Strange Waste” – Weirdo heavy band from the Detroit area that has been releasing stuff for 7 years but is really doing their best stuff right now. Just picked up by Phil Anselmo’s label because they are more interesting than anything else going on. This should really have been a 45 RPM 12″ but they released it as a double 7″ to mess with me.

6. Call Me Lightning – “Human Hell” – Milwaukee’s CML release their 4th and possibly last album. This one has the band moving away from the epic stadium rock hits of their 2010 album and goes with a pop, almost happy, sound. Normally that would make me barf but CML do it right and Nathan’s gloomy lyrics make sure that annoying happy feeling is not going to last. Oh, they sound like The Who! That’s what everyone has said for the last ten years so I thought I better add that.

7. Pere Ubu – “Carnival Of Souls” – Another band that started in the mid 70’s and is responsible for influencing some of the best modern bands around. The last few albums by these guys are as good, if not better, than their first couple classics. Some of the best weirdo art punk originals.

8. Swans – “To Be Kind” – I skip sides 3 and 4 and make this an excellent double LP. It sounds like Swans. Dark and intense. I just don’t have time for three LPs.

9. Scott Walker + Sunn O))) – “Soused” – First of all it’s pronounced “Sun” NOT “Sun Oh”. Your welcome. The first track was not what I was hoping for but then I flipped the record. That awesome, classic Sun sound that is basically dark drone music played through giant, doom metal amps, topped with 60’s pop sensation gone weirdo recluse avant garde crooner, Scott Walker. Definitely only for a very niche market that I happen to belong to.

10. Thurston Moore – “The Best Day” – Similar to Murray Street era Sonic Youth. A little on the soft side but more rockin than his Demolished Thoughts solo album from a couple years ago. Good stuff.

Other Notable Releases:
Off – “Wasted Years”
Tuxedomoon – “Pink Narcissus”
David Lynch – “The Air Is On Fire”
Mirel Wagner – “When The Cellar Children See The Light Of Day”
The Dead Milkmen – “Pretty Music For Pretty Special People”
Fire Retarded – “Scroggz Manor”
Child Bite w/ Phil Anselmo – “Morbid Hits”
Menace Ruine – “Venus Armata”
Dezurik Sisters – “Yodel & Sing Their Greatest Hits”
Neil Young – “A Letter Home” (NOT “Storytone”!!)

2014 Reissue Bonanza!
Death – “Leprosy” and “Spiritual Healing”
Deicide – “Legion”
Joy Division – “An Ideal For Living”
King Diamond – First 5 albums
Iron Maiden – First 7 albums
Can – First 4 albums
Rats – “Intermittent Signals” and “S/T”
Syd Barrett – “Opel”, “Madcap Laughs”, “S/T”
Om – “Pilgrimage”
Depeche Mode – “Violator” and “Playing The Angel”
July – “S/T”
True Widow – “S/T”
Those Poor Bastards – “Hellfire Hymns” (First time on vinyl)
Lonesome Wyatt & The Holyspooks – “Halloween Is Here”

BOBBY HUSSY – #2 Long Hair

Damaged Bug – “Hubba Bubba” – John Dwyer of Thee Oh Sees brings us completely demented analogue synth pop. A must hear for any weirdo synth fan.

Ausmuteants – “Order Of Operation” – Not quite as strong as the band’s last release “Amusements” but these Australian punks still know how to have a good time! One of Australias brightest and most promising young bands!

Nots – “We Are Nots” – Nots are Memphis’ hottest new band. Four females bringing you semi-sloppy garage rock with a synth twist. Their debut LP is a sharp and biting reminder of why Memphis is a hotbed of rock n roll.

Reigning Sound – “Shattered” – A band that only gets better with age. The title has to be a reference to Jay Reatard (His label was called Shattered Records), so what’s not to love?

The Clean – “Anthology” Box Set – What’s not to love? A box set of everything you’d need that’s essential listening for any Kiwi loving indie pop fan!

Devo – “Live @ Max’s Kansas City” – A RSD 2014 exclusive, but one of the best releases this year by far. The band is captured at their weirdest and punkest in the Fall of 1977!

Obnox – “Louder Space” – Weirdo hip hop influenced garage punk from ex Bassholes member Bim Thomas. Live the band excels as one of the best two pieces to date.

Trin Tran – “Far Reaches” EP – Madison based one man synth vet has reinvented himself with a full live band this year and things got a whole lot bigger and fuller.

Coachwhips – “Get Your Body Next To Mine” – Reissue – John Dwyer has finally reissued the classic Coachwhips records for your enjoyment. Original released in the non vinyl friendly climate of 2002 this is your chance to easily pick up this garage punk masterpiece.

Golden Pelicans – “S/T” – This is TOTAL PUNK released on a label called TOTAL PUNK. Features the classic “Pissing In A Puddle Of Puke” (We’ve all been there before…right?) I think you get the idea.


MR. RICH SKEAT – The British One

The Dead C – “The Twelfth Spectacle” – Four LP set on Grapefruit Records. Ten years of live performances from New Zealand’s greatest group ever.

Triptykon – “Melana Chasmata” – Thrash inspired doom arising from the ashes of Celtic Frost. They just keep getting better.

Edward Artemiev – “The Mirror / Stalker” – Original soundtrack recordings from two of Andre Tarkovsky’s most mysterious films. Handmade product from San Francisco’s Superior Viaduct.

Eccentronic Research Council – “Magpie Billy & the Egg That Yolked (A Study of the Northern Ape in Love)” – A tale of tat, enduring love, record collections and giant birds. As told by Maxine Peake.

Half Man Half Biscuit – “Urge For Offal” – The Birkenhead Sound of Crossley & Blackwell. Their 13th album is by far the best since “Achtung Bono”…whenever that was. Why does the winner of Mr Universe always come from Earth?

Vic Godard & Subway Sect – “1979 Now!” – Punk era legend returns with an album of Northern Soul influenced songs shelved since the end of the 70s.

Behemoth – “The Satanist” – Black death metal from Poland. Atmosphericus, Doomicus, Metallicus. If only there were horror movies this spooky.

James Williamson & Carolyn Wonderland – “Open up and Bleed / Gimme Some Skin” 7″ – Record store day release. Williamson re-works two of the greatest Stooges songs with the soulful voice of Ms. Wonderland to give them a real wallop.

Nikki Sudden – “Waiting On Egypt” – First vinyl reissue of Sudden’s post-Swell Maps debut on Numero Group’s Numero Junior label. Still clanking and tongue in cheek punk rattling, but perhaps with a little more focus on the song writing. If that was possible.

The Pop Group – “Cabinet of Curiosities” – Unreleased recordings from post-punk enfant terribles. Still sounding like a can of rusty nails being shaken and then hurled onto the dance floor down the youth club on a friday night.


CHRIS LAY – Voted Madison’s #2 Funny Guy by The Isthmus
(Alphabetical by album)

King Tuff – “Black Moon Spell”
The Both – “The Both”
Fucked Up – “Glass Boys”
M. Geddes Gengras – “Ishi”
J. Spaceman & Kid Millions – “Live At Le Poisson Rouge”
Ty Segall – “Manipulator”
Holly Herndon – “Movement”
Caribou – “Our Love”
Duck Sauce – “Quack”
Suicideyear – “Remembrance”
Run The Jewels – “RTJ2”
Bonnie Prince Billy – “Singer’s Grave In A Sea Of Tongues”
Aphex Twin – “Syro”
Chromeo – “White Women”

Craig Leon – “Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 1: Nommos / Visiting”
Heitkotter – “Black Orchid”
Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf – “Circa 1990-1993”
Bikini Kill – “The First Two Records”
Songs: Ohia – “Journey On: Collected Singles”


SCOTT GORDON – Tone Madison Founder/Editor
(no particular order)

Thou – “Heathen”
Chris Forsyth And Solar Motel Band – “Intensity Ghost”
Bob Mould – “Beauty And Ruin”
Ty Segall – “Manipulator”
Charlatan – “Local Agent”
Run The Jewels – “RTJ2”
Nots – “We Are Nots”
J-Live – “Around The Sun”
Pyrrhon – “The Mother Of Virtues”
Shellac – “Dude Incredible”


JUSTIN KIBBEL – High Noon Saloon Propagandist

Best Albums of 2014:
Cloud Nothings – “Here and Nowhere Else”
Courtney Barnett – “The Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas”
Strand Of Oaks – “Heal”
King Tuff – “Black Moon Spell”
St. Paul & The Broken Bones – “Half The City”
Run The Jewels – “Run The Jewels 2”
Hamilton Leithauser – “Black Hours”
Cymbals Eat Guitars – “LOSE”
Sun Kil Moon – “Benji”
Christopher Gold & The New Old Things – “When The Buzzards Leave The Bones”
Nude Beach – “77”
Future Islands – “Singles”
Sharon Van Etten – “Are We There”
Bahamas – “Bahamas Is Afie”

Best Shows Of 2014:
Murder By Death – Stanley Hotel – Estes Park, CO 1/17/2014
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Milwaukee Theatre – Milwaukee, WI 6/20/2014
The Replacements w/ The Hold Steady – Midway Stadium – St. Paul, MN 9/13/2014
Murder By Death – High Noon Saloon 10th Anniversary – Madison, WI 5/4/2014
Black Lips w/ King Khan & BBQ Show & The Hussy – High Noon Saloon – Madison, WI 9/18/2014
The Polyphonic Spree – Turner Hall – Milwaukee, WI 8/17/2014
PHOX – High Noon Saloon – Madison, WI 8/7-8/2014
Toadies – Turner Hall – Milwaukee, WI 4/13/2014
Deafheaven – High Noon Saloon – Madison, WI – 6/22/2014
Agalloch – High Noon Saloon – Madison, WI – 6/19/2014


JULIE FIELDS – Rock Expert

Reigning Sound – “Shattered”
White Fence – “For The Recently Found Innocent”
Richard Thompson – “Acoustic Classics”
Sharon Van Etten – “Are We There”
Leonard Cohen – “Popular Problems”
Allah-Las – “Worship The Sun”
Real Estate – “Atlas”
The Ghost Of A Sabertooth Tiger – “Midnight Sun”
The Afghan Whigs – “Do To The Beast”
Rosanne Cash – “The River & The Thread”
Bob Dylan and The Band – “The Bootleg Series Volume 11- The Basement Tapes Complete” (6 disc version)
Marianne Faithfull – “Give My Love To London”


TED WILSON – Original Wilson Bros., Tuesdays at 8pm 89.9 WORT

Lucinda Williams – “Down Where The Spirit Meets The Bone”
David Bazan + Passenger String Quartet – “Volume 1”
Reigning Sound – “Shattered”
Sharon Van Etten – “Are We There”
Beck – “Morning Phase”
The Afghan Whigs – “Do To The Beast”
Rosanne Cash – “The River & The Thread”
Richard Thompson – “Acoustic Classics”
Bonnie Prince Billy – “Singer’s Grave-A Sea Of Tongues”
Mark Kozelek – “Live At Biko”

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MadCity’s Staff Choices For Best Of 2013


Sweet Talk – “Pickup Lines”
Dual guitar, garage power pop from TX.

Endless Boogie – “Long Island”
Cosmic Psychos + Canned Heat + Neu!

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats – “Mind Control”
Psychedelic-Sabbath w/ Robin Zander sound a-like on vocals.

David Bowie – “The Next Day”
Almost every song sounds like a single.

Human Eye – “4: Into The Unknown”
Mudhoney on really good acid.

Oblivians  – “Desperation”
When else has a band retunited to make their best album?

The Thermals – “Desperate Ground”
Still throwing a power pop punch in heart after 10 years.

Brittany Howard/Ruby Amanfu – “I Wonder” 7″
In a perfect world this would have been the biggest hit of the year.

John Paul Keith – “Memphis Circa 3 AM”
Bar room/honky tonk version of Marshal Crenshaw.

Elvis Costello & The Roots – “Wise Up Ghost”
Not sure why, but it works.

The Dirtbombs – “Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey!”
Detroit garage kings go bubblegum.

The Hussy – “Pagan Hiss”
Local duo’s strongest release yet.

Devo – “Hardcore Vol. 1 & 2”
King Tuff – “Was Dead”

Mavis Staples – “One True Vine”
Zola Jesus – “Versions”
Volcano Choir – “Repave”
The Julie Ruin  – “Run Fast”
The National – “Trouble Will Find Me”



Vincent’s Unlucky Top 13 of 2013

1. Lonesome Wyatt And The Holy Spooks – “Ghost Ballads”
An entire album of ghost stories that range from the very nice, pretty, Everly Brothers style “Dream Of You”, to the rickety, sea sick “Terror On The Ghost Ship”. An overall nicer sound than Wyatt’s Those Poor Bastards albums but still dark and mysterious. Quickly becoming one of my all-time favorite albums.

2. Savages – “Silence Yourself”
Everyone compares this to Siouxsie And The Banshees and that is sort of correct. They’re English girls that are a little angry but this is in no way another throwback / rip off album. Savages are dark rock and punk and this debut album is pretty close to perfect. Very refreshing.

3. David Lynch – “The Big Dream”
If you do not know who David Lynch is I have no idea how to explain this. For those that are familiar with his films you can imagine being at The Roadhouse in Twin Peaks with David sitting across the table, telling you about his girl troubles. It’s got that smooth nightmare sound you have heard in his movies but with the added bonus of vocal tracks by the weirdo himself.

4. True Widow – “Circumambulation”
Very mellow and gloomy. I thought their last two albums were just boring but this one is excellent from start to finish. It reminds me of early 4ad bands in the hey day of gloomy goth rock. Male and female vocals with really nice, simple music that might make you lie down for awhile. There’s nothing wrong with lying around listening to records. I love it.

5. Melvins – “Live At Third Man”
Super heavy riffs the way you want them and the way Melvins always give them. I’m not really into live albums but this sounds great and Jack White is now responsible for the most affordable Melvins vinyl I have ever heard of.

6. The Knife – “Shaking The Habitual”
Really weird stuff. Strange drum machine beats, electronics, and great female vocals that only work when English is your second language. I have no idea what I would call this music. Really cool experimental from poppy to noise and ambient.

7. Melt Banana – “Fetch”
I have only owned a couple MB records and although I thought they were cool I never felt like I needed to keep them. Their newest one keeps the insanity while making the songs more catchy. Lots of weird electronics on this one with the typical MB crazy guitar and staccato vocals. It’s easily the best record I have heard by them. Mathy Japanese punk with electronics. Rad.

8. TV Ghost – “Disconnect”
An Indiana band of younger handsome kids that seem very hip with the garage rock and psych scenes but there is something darker and almost goth about them. I don’t get the impression that they are trying to throw goth into the mix. I think it is just turning out that way and I like that. It sounds natural and it sounds good.

9. Uncle Acid – “Mind Control”
Stoner riffs and slightly psychedelic. For people that like early Black Sabbath but also like the new “psychedelic” sound.

10. Windhand – “Soma”
Basically a band that has based everything they do on the song Black Sabbath from the debut album by Black Sabbath. Seriously. Take an incredibly slow and doomy riff with a female Ozzy singing and let it ride for eight minutes or so. Repeat. Done.

11. Pissed Jeans – “Honeys”
Another excellent rock n roll album. Somehow, some tracks remind me of Black Flag but I’m not sure why. Be prepared to play it loud and punch the roof of your car.

12. Blind Shake – “Key To A False Door”
Excellent Minneapolis rock n roll that I guess could be called psych garage or something. They have been doing it longer then other bands like this and it shows. They are the masters of the two chord riff. So catchy.

13. Chelsea Light Moving – S/T
Thurston Moore ditching his recent Neil Young style solo albums for his gritty noise rock. Very reminiscent of Psychic Hearts and that’s a good thing.


1. Residents – “Santa Dog” 2×7″
One of the most important records ever made in the world of weirdo experimental music. In 1972 the four guys that would become The Residents made this record as a X-mas card to send out to their friends. Finally after 40+ years it is available to the fans and it won’t cost us thousands of dollars. Due out Dec 2013 for the album’s “40th anniversary” even though it’s really the 41st anniversary. I’m not going to judge their experimental math.

2. The Birthday Party – “Mutiny! / The Bad Seed”
Two great EPs from 1983. Long out of print and some of Nick Cave’s best work.

3. Devo – Hardcore Devo Vol. 1
4-track recordings from 1974-1977. Excellent twisted experimental rock, pop, punk, and new wave. First time on vinyl.

4. Devo – Hardcore Devo Vol. 2
More 4-track recordings from 1974-1977. This one has some bonus tracks from the original CD version of the early 90’s. First time on vinyl.

5. Public Image Ltd – S/T
Classic punk debut that was never released on vinyl in the USA.

6. The Glove – “Blue Sunshine”
Cool forgotten about side project from 1982 with members of The Cure and Siouxsie.

7. Martin Rev – S/T
1980 solo album by half of the crazy NY synth duo, Suicide.

8. Thomas Dinger – “Fur Mich”
1982 solo album from one half of krautrock legends, Neu!

9. Dust – “Hard Attack / Dust”
Excellent gatefold with the only two albums these 70’s hard rockers ever made.

10. MX-80 Sound – “Hard Attack”
Classic weirdo art rock from 1977.

11. Butthole Surfers – Touch And Go Reissues
Four classic albums from 1984-1988. Long out of print and finally reissued. Essential Surfers material.



1. Thee Oh Sees – “Floating Coffin”
The last seven years have seen the San Francisco psych pop band morph from extremely modest roots to a hugely influential touring machine. And their intense output only gets stronger and stronger. To me it doesn’t get better than “Help” from 2009, but “Floating Coffin” comes awfully close!

2. TV Ghost – “Disconnect”
The most consistent and impressive TV Ghost record to date. A double LP with focus. Definitely worth snagging.

3. Fuzz – S/T
The debut LP from Ty Segall’s newest project. Sabbath riffs with reverbed out vocals and gnarly guitar solos. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

4. Deerhunter – “Monomania”
Concise and precise indie garage rock. This band never disappoints.

5. Destruction Unit – “Deep Trip”
Deep Trip is definitely a deep deep trip. Heavy, psychotic and droning. This is a bulging and intense record hidden under layers of fuzz and noise. It almost treads on hardcore territory at times. Live the band is the most brutal 15 minutes you will ever witness. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

6. Butthole Surfers Reissues
We can group em all together. Really psyched to see these repressed!

7. Ex-Cult – S/T
Post-punk with a splash of American hardcore. But this isn’t your dad’s hardcore record, it only takes a few hints and cues from the hardcore bands of the 80’s…then they turn it on its head and smashes it with a garage rock sloppiness that’s really endearing.

8. Ty Segall – “Sleeper”
An acoustic record from garage wunderkind Ty Segall, whodathunk? A less fleshed-out “Piper At The Gates Of Dawn” with some sunny California melodies popped in for good measure.

9. Running – “Vaguely Ethnic”
Wild reverbed out psych punk stomp from Chicago! Released via John Dwyer of Thee Oh Sees’ record label, Castle Face Records.

10. Blind Shake – “Key To A False Door”
One of the most synced up live band the Midwest has to offer. The band is most known for their incredibly tight dual singing over plodding rhythms.



2013 Was A Great Year For Music But Scott Mostly Likes The Nerdy Depressing Stuff

Barn Owl – “V”
Dark instrumentals that retain a lot of melodic power even as they unfold into long-form drones.

Ken Camden – “Space Mirror”
On his second solo album, Ken Camden of Chicago band Implodes continues to make the electric guitar sound beautifully unrecognizable.

Dosh – “Milk Money”
Multi-instrumentalist Dosh’s sound is big, warm, and impossible to mistake for anyone else. The first side shows off his tightly constructed, rhythm-happy instrumentals, while the second, a single track called “Legos,” tries out looser, more moody territory.

Locrian – “Return To Annihilation”
Experimental metal in malignant hi-fi.

Maxmillion Dunbar – “House Of Woo”
Andrew Field-Pickering jams an intimidatingly deep grasp of electronic music into this album, yet makes it fun, exuberant, and approachable throughout.

Queens Of The Stone Age – “…Like Clockwork”
There’s little here that will surprise those used to QOTSA’s dour, plodding, catchy style, except that these songs make Josh Homme sound hungry and focused again.

Run The Jewels – S/T
Not the best thing that Killer Mike and El-P have ever done, but definitely the most fun thing either has ever done.

Skeletonwitch – “Serpents Unleashed”
Skeletonwitch have long played a solid balance of different metal genres into their tightly written songs, and now there’s finally an album that really lets their sound breathe.

Survival – S/T
The trio plays tense, ritualistically repetitive post-rock, reaching for high drama and staying grounded in churning rhythms.

Windhand – “Soma”
Invigorating doom metal that sounds like falling chunks of dusty rubble.



1. Nikki Sudden – “The Truth Doesn’t Matter”
Sudden’s last album before his untimely death is a strange mixture of Glam, New Wave and his own off-kilter punk poetry which precipitously hangs together on the edge of falling apart. Nikki who?

2. David Bowie – “The Next Day”
Bowies highly anticipated, many layered collection of exquisitely crafted songs packs a powerful punch and proves the old duffers still got it. Best bits? All of it.

3. The Fall – “Re-mit”
Speaking of old duffers – Smith strips it all down but doesn’t hold back on his pith and venom. This version of the band have survived for quite a while and sound as edgy and fierce as they did on Reformation back in 2007. Your mad Grandad’s Rockabilly punk band.

4. The Dead C – “Armed Courage”
Music from the underworld, well, New Zealand. The Dunedin trios latest album is a powerful soundscape of feedback drones and howling that makes them sound like an alien invasion landing on your neighbours house. So nothing new there. The truth is if you like what they do you’ll probably like this.

5. Group Doueh – “Zayna Jumma”
After several four-track sounding albums we finally get to hear this guitar-led group from Daklah in the western sahara the way they should be, full of strange time signatures, pounding bass and intricate guitar playing of leader Doueh. The kind of thing you’ve come to expect from Sublime Frequencies, but very well recorded.

6. Edward Artemyev – “Solaris Original Soundtrack”
First proper issue of the soundtrack to the cult Russian science fiction epic. Gloriously packaged in a handmade, limited edition sleeve with picture book and fine pressing of the music created on Artemyevs Photoelectron Synthesizer.

7. Carcass – “Surgical Steel”
Melodic Gore metal from one time kings of grindcore sludge. A powerful series of blunt traumas to the skull, but rather you were struck with a medical dictionary instead of a club. So you learn something.

8. Kadavar – “Abra Kadavar”
Picking up where their first album left off, Kadavar increase the tempo and build on the riffs. Somewhere between the doom of early Black Sabbath and the viking invasions of Orgasmatron-era Motorhead.

9. Robert Wyatt – “’68”
Archive release of formative fumblings from Soft Machine tub thumper recorded in the U.S. during a tour hiatus as the supported the Jimi
Hendrix Experience. Hendrix actually turns up on one of the shorter tracks playing some sloppy bass but its the first versions of what were to become Soft Machine classics that are of real interest here.

10. Motorhead – “Aftershock”
Motorhead really have hit some kind of peak with this album and it’s their best since 2004’s Inferno. Motorhead have, in the past, put out albums one could consider shoddy or incomplete, so it’s nice to have something that can stand it’s ground and put up a bit of a fight.

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