Record Store Day -RSD Drops

As you know, there will not be a traditional “Record Store Day” in 2020. But, there will be RSD Drops on three dates in August, September and October when the RSD 2020 titles will be released in stages.

The RSD Drops will all happen on Saturdays: August 29, September 26 and October 24.  The list of titles and dates they will be available are available right here!

Here’s our current RSD Drops plan (subject to change, as things evolve) developed with your safety and our safety in mind — we will be opening at 10am for RSD Drops purchases only. Since all RSD titles are limited, first-come will be first-served. Everyone will need to line up outside (socially distanced, of course). While in line, you will receive an order form and a pen so you can select the titles that you want. We’ll then fill your order for you. Once your order is prepared, you’ll enter the store to check out. We will open up for regular shopping once everyone in line has been helped. And you can keep the pen. :)

All of the great, previously-announced RSD titles will still be coming out this year, just in a different – more socially responsible — way.  As always, to comply with the RSD pledge, we are unable to take pre-orders or place any items on hold.

More info about the history of Record Store Day can be found right here.