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MadCity Music’s 2014 Staff Picks

DAVE ZERO – Vinyl Baron

Real Estate – “Atlas” – Galaxie 500 meets The Feelies and it’s wonderful.

Bob Mould – “Beauty & Ruin” – Age means nothing, still a lot of rock to Du!

The Roots – “And Then You Shoot Your Cousin…” – A surprisingly, dark, dense and weird album from a band that refuses to take it easy.

Reigning Sound – “Shattered” – Always soulful kings of garage get mod, a little mellow, and add strings

Death – “III” – A charming collection of demos & outtakes that shows what this band could have been

J Mascis – “Tied To A Star” – As stunning quiet as he is loud

King Tuff – “Black Moon Spell” – Marc Bolan is smiling up on his cloud because of this album

Brimstone Howl – “Magic Hour” – Tom Verlaine/Television inspired, reverb soaked garage stompers

Ex Hex – “Rips” – All lady band that delivers a great blast of cool, 70s inspired glam
rock & power pop

Honorable Mentions:
Ian McLagan – “United States”
Paul Collins – “Feel The Noise”
Black Keys – “Turn

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MadCity’s Staff Choices For Best Of 2013


Sweet Talk – “Pickup Lines”
Dual guitar, garage power pop from TX.

Endless Boogie – “Long Island”
Cosmic Psychos + Canned Heat + Neu!

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats – “Mind Control”
Psychedelic-Sabbath w/ Robin Zander sound a-like on vocals.

David Bowie – “The Next Day”
Almost every song sounds like a single.

Human Eye – “4: Into The Unknown”
Mudhoney on really good acid.

Oblivians  – “Desperation”
When else has a band retunited to make their best album?

The Thermals – “Desperate Ground”
Still throwing a power pop punch in heart after 10 years.

Brittany Howard/Ruby Amanfu – “I Wonder” 7″
In a perfect world this would have been the biggest hit of the year.

John Paul Keith – “Memphis Circa 3 AM”
Bar room/honky tonk version of Marshal Crenshaw.

Elvis Costello & The Roots – “Wise Up Ghost”
Not sure why, but it works.

The Dirtbombs – “Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey!”
Detroit garage kings go bubblegum.

The Hussy – “Pagan Hiss”
Local duo’s strongest release yet.

Devo – “Hardcore Vol. 1 & 2”
King Tuff – “Was Dead”


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