Selling Your Stuff

We always are interested in buying used vinyl, CDs, 45rpms, cassettes, and routinely pay the best prices in town. The titles we are interested in purchasing changes on a monthly, weekly, and sometimes, daily basis. The purchase price we can pay depends on artist, title and condition. Some artists and titles are very common and thus not in high demand, so our purchase price is lower. Other artists and titles will always sell or are currently very popular, and we happily will pay more for these titles. Condition also is an extremely important element in the value of an item with items in better condition having more value. CDs must have all original art work and be in cases. LPs must have the original outer jacket.

We will need to evaluate your collection in person to determine if we are interested in buying all or some of your items. It’s best to make an appointment before stopping by, so please call or email to set something up.  We typically are available for appointments during our regular business hours (although not during the hour before we close).

We do make house calls for larger vinyl collections of 300+. If you are interested in a house call, please call (608-251-8558) or email to arrange an appointment.