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July 9 New Releases, Plus More 2013 Staff Favorites!

Behold! MCMX’s handsome and courageous clerks offers more notes on some of their favorite releases of the year so far.

Chris Corsano And Bill Orcutt, The Raw And The Cooked
Prolific avant-jazz drummer Chris Corsano and former Harry Pussy guitarist Bill Orcutt recorded this LP during a series of live dates in 2012. While a lot of Orcutt’s solo work has been on acoustic guitar, he plays electric here, sparring with Corsano in a series of harsh, fierce improvisations.

Dessa, Parts Of Speech
Minneapolis’ Dessa focuses on vulnerability, grief, envy, and other forms of human weakness on her latest LP. It’s bit more concise than her first full length, 2010’s A Badly Broken Code, but overall just as impressive. With Dessa, you always have to stop wondering whether you’re listening to a confessional singer-songwriter or a rapper, hip-hop production or moody chamber-pop arrangements. It’s really none and all of the above, plus, on Parts Of Speech, a Bruce Springsteen cover. Though it feels more raw and personal than her previous work, it’s still full of reminders that Dessa’s an elegant, self-possessed word nerd, even dropping a reference to lorem ipsum [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lorem_ipsum] on “Sound The Bells.”

And now, new releases for July 9!

scudScud Mountain Boys “Do You Love The Sun”

Bell X1 “Chop Chop”

Jay Z  “Magna Carta Holy Grail”

Devo “Hardcore” (2 CD Demos Reissue)

Robert Pollard “Honey Locust Honky Tonk”

µ-Ziq “Chewed Corners”

No Means No “Wrong” (Vinyl Reissue)


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